Imporve bubble tea store efficiency.

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.

Premium Quality Boba Tea Counter

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.

Yucoo Boba Counter

The perfect solution for bubble tea shops looking for a versatile and efficient counter to prepare and serve their drinks.


Easy Installation

 The Yucoo Water Counter can be effortlessly installed onto your existing water pipes, without the need for professional assistance. It’s compatible with a variety of pipe sizes and materials, making it a versatile choice for any home.


The Yucoo Counter is a compact, easy-to-install gadget that connects to your home’s water supply system. With cutting-edge sensor technology, it accurately measures your water usage in real-time, providing you with valuable insights and helping you make informed decisions to reduce waste and save money.

Cost Savings

With a better understanding of your water consumption patterns, you can take steps to reduce waste and save on your utility bills. Over time, the AquaTrack Water Counter can pay for itself through the savings you achieve.


Customized at Your Own Need

This innovative and stylish counter allows you to tailor every aspect of your bubble tea, ensuring that each sip brings unparalleled satisfaction and delight.


Popular models

Bubble Tea Counter Room Temperature

450-750$ | 7 days

Bubble Tea Counter Fridge

600-900$ | 7 days

Bubble Tea Counter Freezer

650-950$ | 7 days

Boba Counter Fridge & Freezer

650-950$ | 7 days

Bar Counter Frige

500-700$ | 7 days

Boba Counter

500-700$ | 7 days

Refrigerated Display Case

1000-2000$ | 7 days

Rome Temperature Display Case

1000-2000$ | 7 days

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Three Key Reasons to Choose Our Bubble Tea Counters

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Unparalleled Quality

Our products are crafted from high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, ensuring durability, hygiene, and a long lifespan. At our shop, we don’t compromise on quality.

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We offer customizable counter solutions tailored to your bubble tea business’s unique needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific size, layout, and storage requirements.

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Our counters blend functionality with aesthetics, offering unique designs like the dual-purpose Bubble Tea Counter Fridge and Freezer for space-saving efficiency and optimal ingredient freshness.

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Fructose Machine

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Cup Sealing Machine

Hand made products

Embrace the Bubble Tea Revolution with Our All-In-One Bubble Tea Counter.

Say goodbye to clutter and embrace sleek functionality with our all-in-one Bubble Tea Counter. We have meticulously designed our counter to include all the essentials needed for crafting the perfect bubble tea.

By Changing to Yucoo Boba Counter Join the Bubble Tea Revolution

Embrace the future of bubble tea with our comprehensive Bubble Tea Counter. It’s not just a piece of equipment—it’s your partner in delivering quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction.

Bubble Tea Supplies

At our shop, we’re more than just a supplier—we’re a partner in your success.

We’re committed to providing products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. From quality materials to exceptional customer service, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Shannon Burton
July 23rd, 2020

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25-30m | Intermediate

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25-30m | Intermediate

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25-30m | Intermediate